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How can I book?

Mobile App: You can book and manage your classes using the Mindbody app and searching “Studio Sixteen Pilates.” The app can be downloaded in the app store of your mobile phone.

Web: You can Register Here. Once that is complete you can book and manage your classes through our Timetable & Bookings tab.

It’s my first class, what do I need to know? We prefer you to wear leggings or shorts so you can move easily between exercises. You will need to bring your own socks to wear on the reformers or you can purchase grippy socks in the studio. Ensure you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled class to fill in a form and so we can run over the reformer before we start. Please avoid jewellery, makeup, moisturiser and sunscreen on the reformers.

Can I come if I have an injury or medical condition? For pre diagnosed injuries/medical conditions we can assist with your rehabilitation based on medical advice from your medical practitioner. Please get in contact with us before booking into a class to outline the extent of your injury or medical condition. We will then recommend whether you should start with a private session or if you can go straight into a class environment. As we are a fitness based reformer studio we unfortunately cannot treat or diagnose chronic injuries. By letting us know of your injury/medical condition prior to your booked class we can prepare alternative exercises to accomodate you.

At what age can I start Pilates at Studio Sixteen? We recommend being at least 15 years of age. For elderly clients, suitability for our fitness style classes are assessed in the studio or upon discussion with an instructor.

Can I eat a meal before my pilates class? Try to avoid eating a heavy meal within 1 - 2 hours of your class to ensure you can properly activate your core during exercises. You know your body best so trust your gut! Literally.

Waitlists - If a class is fully booked you can select to waitlist via the Mindbody App. If someone cancels you will take their spot. Please note it is up to you to check the app up to 40 minutes before the class starts, to see whether you have secured a spot.

Cancellations - No shows and client cancellations less than 24 hours prior to a scheduled booking will be charged. Cancellations not less than 24 hours of the scheduled booking will receive the class concession back unless it has reached its expiry from date of purchase. Please refer to our bookings clause in our terms and conditions of trade for more information.

Can I share my class passes with someone else? Unfortunately there is strictly no sharing of passes.

If I am pregnant or have recently had a baby can I do reformer pilates? Yes if you are a pre or post natal client with medical clearance from your doctor. For new clients it is important for us to do a one on one session to assess what areas to focus on and where to avoid. Once we have done your one on one we can look at booking you into group classes. Please get in touch with us via email for bookings. Alternatively you can book into our Mum & Bub’s class.

How many classes should I be doing a week? Everyone’s bodies are different but we do recommend doing 3 or more classes a week to see results. As with any exercise, your habits outside of the studio will also have an affect on how fast you see improvements.

What if I am feeling really unfit? We have all been there! Don’t doubt your ability, just take it at your own pace. This is a judgement free studio where progression is more important than perfection. If you need to take breaks during class then please do so.