Founder & Director of Studio Sixteen Pilates


Having had previous injuries from heavy lifting and high impact exercise Steph was looking for a way to train that would provide the same results but was kinder on her joints. Reluctantly, she was dragged along to her first Reformer Pilates class where she immediately became hooked. It didn't take long for Steph to decide she wanted to make a career out of Pilates so she waved goodbye to the corporate world and travelled overseas to begin her training through Studio Pilates International.

After instructing both mat and reformer it was time to venture out on her own. She wanted to offer her local community a fitness studio without that clinical feel. Her vision was to create a space that would promote self care and alleviate stress as soon as a client stepped through the door. 


  • Studio Pilates International Anatomy

  • Studio Pilates International Matwork

  • Studio Pilates International Reformer

  • Studio Pilates International Reformer Progressions

  • Studio Pilates International Pre & Post Natal

  • Studio Pilates International Pilates for Back Pain

"I love the adaptability and creativity of the Pilates method for all ages and levels of fitness. There are so many ways to make exercises easier or harder for each individual and every class feels personalised for the client. The most rewarding part of my job is when you see your clients beaming with pride when noticing their improvements both in the studio, and in their everyday lives. That along with seeing clients having fun is the highlight of every day."