Reformer 101

Pace: Moderate

Prerequisite: Pregnant clients welcome with GP clearance.

A slower paced session designed for anyone and everyone. This class is a full body workout where we focus on strengthening stabilising muscles through fluid movements, and correct form. This is a great class for clients looking to improve their core strength, coordination, posture, and flexibility.

50 Minutes | Maximum clients per class 8


Reformer Powerhouse

Pace: Moderate-Fast

Prerequisite: Good general health, recommended to have completed 5 reformer 101 classes.

This class is for clients looking to work up a sweat from the moment they start their session. Our focus is on endurance by having a faster transition in-between exercises and correcting any muscle imbalance you may have. This class works your entire body to challenge your overall strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility.

50 Minutes | Maximum clients per class 8


Private Session

Private sessions are tailored specifically to your needs. With a strong focus on correct technique these sessions are perfect for new starters, those who wish to have one on one sessions, or those who are pre or post natal.

For clients with injuries, please note we cannot diagnose an injury. We can however assist with your rehabilitation based on medical advice from your selected medical practitioner.

Please email us for one on one bookings.

50 Minutes | 1:1 or 2:1



Mum’s & Bub’s

Pace: Slow-Moderate

Prerequisite: Pregnant & post natal clients welcome with GP clearance.

This class is specifically for new mums with babies up to the age of 12 months. We know it is hard to organise care for your little one so you can find time for yourself so we encourage you to bring baby along in their capsules/strollers.

To help with your recovery post baby we’ll focus on strengthening your pelvic floor, improving your posture, strengthening your abdominals to relieve back pain, and overall toning. As baby grows you will need your strength and mobility to keep up without risk of injury. This is a great class to start before transitioning to the Reformer 101 class.

We recommend waiting 6-8 weeks postpartum before starting reformer Pilates and do require medical clearance before you begin.

Please note: Children over the age of 12 months are able to come to these classes. For health and safety reasons you are responsible for yourself and your child while you are in the studio. The instructors sole focus must be on the client and the exercises. You are able to take as many breaks as needed with your little one and the class will continue. We understand babies are unpredictable and so will everyone else in your class so don’t be afraid to come along!

If you are currently pregnant and want to attend this class for gentle exercise please contact us to discuss.

50 Minutes | Maximum clients per class 8


If you are unsure which class is best suited to you please contact one of our instructors. 



2 Class Intro Deal $50

Casual Class $30

5 Class Pack $125

10 Class Pack $240

Private Session (available on request) 1:1 $80 or 2:1 $100

Please note:

  • All class passes are valid for 3 months from date of purchase

  • All prices are inclusive of gst, however you will be charged a small transaction fee from Ezi Debit (our external payment provider) when purchasing your pass through Mind Body

  • Ezidebit take 2-3 days to process your payment. There is a penalty fee of $14.95 for payments that cannot be processed due to insufficient funds or an expired card. This will show on your bank statement as “Ezidebit Milford“