Studio Sixteen is West Auckland’s newest Pilates studio helping you stay afloat and escape your daily grind. Our fitness philosophy is to help you be the best version of yourself in both your body and mind. We offer modern-day Reformer Pilates without that clinical feel.

Our studio is designed to give an instant sense of intimacy offering private and small group fitness classes. Stepping into our studio you will feel its lively atmosphere through our upbeat tunes and fresh interior. With warmth and compassion, we will encourage you to challenge yourself, share our knowledge, and most importantly, have a laugh along the way.

Reformer Pilates offers spring-based resistance training to help you strengthen those deep stabilising muscles you never knew you had! Each exercise offers a range of intensities, empowering you to choose the level that suits you best. The low-impact nature of Reformer Pilates and its minimal joint stress makes it suitable for all ages, sizes, genders, athletic abilities and training backgrounds. Each class is an all over body workout and with regular classes you will notice a difference in your mobility, flexibility, conditioning, and posture.

We believe it is important to wind down after class so you can re-enter the bustle of life with a sense of calm. Stick around after class for a fresh herbal tea before you get back out there and accomplish your next goal!

Facilities & Services

  • Workout Towel

  • Changing Room

  • Lockers

  • Toilet

  • Reformer Machine

  • Pilates Mat

  • Pilates Equipment


Monday - Saturday (see timetable for hours)

Closed on public holidays


“Studio Sixteen Pilates and owner Stephanie Naran have quite simply changed my life - for the better! I have never been a fan of regular exercise (in spite of trying pretty much all the options on the market) and years of neglecting my fitness had taken a heavy toll on my health and mind set. Then I found Studio Sixteen. With much trepidation I signed up for my first class and pictured myself sneaking out shame faced at the end never to return but Steph's skilled teaching, enthusiasm, and warm and welcoming manner completely won me over and encouraged me to keep showing up. The studio environment is beautiful, calming and fantastically equipped, the classes varied and interesting and having become a regular client I can say that the results of practice with Studio Sixteen will change your body in ways that no other training can. For the first time in my (long) life I have stuck to a regular 3-4 times a week training for 6 months and the progress I have made in that time has led to me setting further fitness goals both inside the studio environment and beyond. I really can't thank Steph enough for bringing her expertise and passion to our neighbourhood.”–B.H

“Studio Sixteen Pilates is an oasis in the heart of Waimauku. As a newbie to Pilates, I was nervous about trying reformer Pilates, but after one class I felt at home in the beautiful studio. The class itself is a great blend of exercises that leave you feeling strengthened, lengthened and balanced. Steph is an amazing instructor who is able to qualm any fears or anxieties for new members while also providing a challenge for those already acquainted with Pilates. With her ongoing encouragement and support, I have found a way to keep fit and feel great with Pilates! I have been going to Studio Sixteen Pilates for 8 months now and, as someone who has suffered with bad posture, it has been the best way to keep fit and realign my body by strengthening key muscle groups. I also love the variety in the class plans, no class is the same, so you get to feel the burn in a different part of your body each time! Each class is finished with a satisfying warm-down stretch and a small cup of herbal tea to top it off! I love my weekly sessions at Studio Sixteen Pilates and cannot recommend it highly enough!” – K.C 


“As an ex personal trainer, a gym trainer I’m very excited to tell you that my favourite workout is now Reformer Pilates at Studio Sixteen, I’m obsessed! The exercises you do when training on the reformer both strengthens and lengthens the muscles giving you an entire body workout. The classes are always fun, and challenging and helps correct posture, flexibility, build strong bones, strong muscles and strengthens the core and glutes, overall building a stronger body. Steph is highly professional, full of energy and very motivating and she also knows her stuff. If you are looking at building strength, power, balance, tone up, Steph is the best coach and very good at working with every person in the class as though you were having a private session.”– S.L


“I am a busy mum of 2 young children so getting time for myself is a challenge. When I saw Studio Sixteen Pilates had opened in our local shops I thought I’d give it a go and wow! What an absolute pleasure having Studio Sixteen in my life. From the moment you walk in, it’s bliss. It’s a place for me time. A place where you feel totally welcome. The classes have been amazing and I have seen some pretty awesome results. I’m stronger and more confident and the knowledge of the instructors make you feel so at ease. A true blessing to have in our community.” – C.A


“Studio 16 Pilates has been a total godsend. As a working mum I’ve struggled for years to find exercise that works with my schedule and that I also love and enjoy. Studio 16 Pilates ticks all of my boxes. I’ve regained so much strength and tone and my back pain is non-existent for the first time in my life. This studio has added so much to my life and I’m so thankful Steph has brought this to our community. It keeps me calm, sane and strong! Steph has created something I never knew I needed and for that I am so grateful.”– V.D